About Us

 Mashmama is the first maternity and plus size online store in Egypt. We have thrived to bring the latest trends to your door. Mashmama is the effort of a group of friends who understand that you do not need to sacrifice style for size. We scouted the international market for the optimal styles and the most creative options.

As parents, two of us working moms, we felt the market can certainly use a surge of exciting apparel. Our pregnancies were the most thorough research quest we ever embarked on as we hunted online stores for the best products and compatible prices. Once we had our children we plunged deeper into exploring nursing essentials and for quite a while a stylish and affordable plus size wardrobe. This mission is one we are certain we shared with plenty of women out there.

Traffic and busy schedules have made us aware of the value of time for women in Egypt, having access to one place to search, compare and buy from a wide range of leading and global brands has become crucial.

Technology has made this all possible with a shopping experience at your fingertips! 

You are a click away from receiving your chosen purchases in the comfort of your own home. 

Learn more about our company Astro Queen here.